Canon KJ17ex7.7B IASE/IRSE

Powerful ENG Lens for Lower Budget HD Productions
  The KJ17ex7.7B is specifically designed for users whose foremost priority is a lens that delivers a generous range of focal lengths combined with a wide field of view in a lightweight mobile package. The lens design is a fine compromise between the demands for ruggedness and mobility in a handheld camera system and the high imaging performance requirements for HD News and lower budget HD productions. An important aspect of this lens is the cost optimized design concept. Customer recommendations combined with evolving optical design strategies and materials produced a new definition in price performance ratio for HD ENG acquisition systems that guided the design of the new KJ17ex7.7B.

Improved Optical Performance
  Compared to its predecessor KJ16ex7.7B lens, the optical performance of the KJ17ex7.7B has been improved on a number of fronts. Utilizing special optical materials such as “Fluorite” and “Hi-UD” (high index ultra low dispersion) glasses, most of the lens elements and optical layout were redesigned using Canon’s advanced computer-aided techniques to achieve a new level of optimization. Of particular significance are improvements in monochromatic and chromatic aberrations, producing enhanced image sharpness at picture center and picture extremities. New aspheric lens element designs have helped to further diminish geometric distortion and flare.

Improved Operabilty and Reduced Operator Fatigue
  Besides the exceptional optical performance, another remarkable character of this new lens is it’s newly designed drive unit. With the goal of pursuing ease of operation, Canon has reached a new design based on human ergonomics, refined by a long term research and testing.


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  KJ17ex7.7B IRSE / IASE
Built-in extender 1.0x 2.0x
Zoom Ratio 17x
Range of Focal Length 7.7-131mm 15.4-262mm
Maximum Relative Aperture 1:1.8 at 7.7-102.5mm
1:2.3 at 131mm
1:3.6 at 15.4-205.0mm
1:4.6 at 262mm
Angular Field of View NORMAL
1.92°x 1.44°
Minimum Object Distance
0.6m (10mm with Macro)
Object Demensions at M.O.D NORMAL
63.1x47.3cm at 7.7mm
3.8x2.9cm at 131mm
31.6x23.7cm at 15.4mm
1.9x1.5cm at 262mm
68.5x38.5cm at 7.7mm
4.2x2.4cm at 131mm
34.3x19.3cm at 15.4mm
2.1x1.2cm at 262mm
Approx.Size WxHxL=159.3x106.6x197.8mm
Approx. Mass (IRSE/IASE) 1.48Kg (3.26lbs) / 1.56Kg (3.44lbs)


Operational Accessories
Full servo : SS-41-IASD / SS-41-D
Semi servo: MS-210D


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