Sennheiser ew 112-p G3


Fast, flexible and professional: these characteristics make the ew 112-p G3 the perfect fit for every ambitious reporting team seeking both portability and great sound quality. The nearly invisible clip-on, ME2, omni-directional microphone transmits its signal via bodypack transmitter with mute function and a portable, battery-powered adaptive-diversity receiver. The receiver and transmitter are lightweight and easy to operate, yet rugged and packed with features.

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82 x 64 x 24 mm


~ 160 g


Frequency range

606...648 MHz


823...865 MHz / Germany


823...865 MHz


780...822 MHz / Germany


780...822 MHz


734...776 MHz


626...668 MHz


566...608 MHz


516...558 MHz


Frequency response (microphone)

80 - 18000 Hz





Audio-XLR connector

3,5 mm Jack








Sound pressure level (SPL)

130 dB(SPL) max.


THD, total harmonic distortion

< 0,9 %


AF sensitivity

20 mV/Pa


Signal-to-noise ratio

> 110 dB(A)


RF output power

30 mW


Transmission/receiving frequencies



Switching bandwidth

42 MHz


Peak deviation

+/- 48 kHz


In compliance with

ETS 300422, ETS 300445, CE, FCC


Operating time

typ. 8h


Input voltage range

1,8 V ligne


Audio output level

balanced:+10 dBu max



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